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BIO EXPO - 2008

We (Biology teachers) of Grade 7 and 8 took an Initiative to Create Models of Cell using Easily Available Materials at home, Students created Various Models of Different types of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells.

Here are some photos of the same.

Click on the image to view the slide show


We Thank all the teachers for making it a great success.

PROJECT PPC (Preserve, Protect and Care)


  1. Project My River
  2. Project My Green Friend (trees)
  3. ProjectAnimal Welfare
  1. Project Nourishment
  2. Project Medicare
  3. Project Labor
  4. Donating blood saving lives
  5. Donating organ saving lives

Details of My projects

These are some projects I want to work for along with my students and colleges. I will require help and support for the same.

We might not achieve every thing on one go. But at least we can begin and start making a difference.

  1. My river - I wish to preserve the natural environment of my rivers and hence wish to clean up the river of my city 
  2. My Green Friend - To Adopt, Or plant a tree and maintain the balance on the earth
  3. Animal welfare and conservation - Helping animals with their needs to survive.
  4. Project nourishment - To nourish the under nourished, by providing financial help or food.
  5. Medicare - To associate with medical practitioners and provide medicine at no cost or low cost for the poor and needy.
  6. Project Labor - To contact various institutes or (our contacts) and help the retired and unemployed.
  7. Donating blood - Saving lives, donating blood.
  8. Donating organs - Getting help people registering for Donating Organ and donation awareness.


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Nishant Kapdi